Myths about Pizza

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Ah, pizza, perhaps one of the greatest foods in modern history. It’s been everywhere, in countless households, and everyone has their favorite combination of toppings that makes their pizza unique. The history of pizza (and pizza like dishes) extends as far back as the ancient Greeks, and with such a long timeline of history, and the countless number of pizza places that deliver near me, there are bound to be a few myths surrounding it all.

So that’s what is going to be looked at today, and in fact, we’ve already debunked one. Pizza as we know it is an Italian creation, but the history of putting food on bread and serving it that way started with the ancient Greeks. So they were the ones that got the ball rolling.

Pepperoni isn’t a solely an Italian invention either, as pepperoni was Italian for ‘pepper.’ So, if you order a pepperoni pizza in Italy, you’d get peppers on a pizza. The pepperoni that we know of was created by Americans, who really like smoked meat. (Although if you put both meat pepperoni and peppers on a pizza, you do get an epic combination.)

One of the most controversial myths about pizza (aside from the whole pineapple issue) is whether it was supposed to be eaten with a knife and fork. One of the world’s last pizza makers, who was trained at America’s first pizzeria in the world says that he eats it with a fork and knife when the slice is too hot to pick up.

But if it’s too hot for your hands, why cut it and bring that steaming piece of pizza to your mouth? Why! It doesn’t make sense to this author, so eat it with your hands or not at all! Besides, a little mess is always fun when the meal is good.

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