Cooking Vacation Teaches You More About Culture

italian cooking vacation

Read, write and travel. Remember the phrase because someday it may become legend. Isn’t it true that so many people who read their favorite magazines and travel guides continue to dream and wonder? And they are still the fortunate ones. They at least get to take an annual vacation. But usually, it does not take them very far, both figuratively and literally.

Surely, they wonder, there must be more to this. And when are they going to live and experience one living legend that says; travel broadens the mind. Some of the most inspirational written accounts go beyond just beautiful valleys and country roads.

They take their literary travelers right into the heart of the country. It enters the village and goes straight to the long dinner table with space enough for ten people, or more for those who dare to squeeze in in accordance with the garrulous nature of the countrified Italian. Italians in general, even the expatriates, are legendary for this.

All they seem to talk about is food, food and more food. But they do so with mouths full and for very good reason. Because have you tasted Italian food before? No, it’s not your usual pasta and sauce dish. And it’s certainly not your wood-fired pizza, although if you do travel down to Naples, you’ll experience something quite out of your world.

No, the talk around the countryside village revolves around authentic Italian cooking, just like it’s been done for generations. And you can get a taste of that by booking your very own italian cooking vacation. Just for tasters whilst you acclimatize yourself to the country air; a glass of chianti and a chunk of cheese. And how about a generous helping of roast wild boar as a main course?

Mouthwatering, of course.