What Makes Good Coffee?

Everyone has had their good experience with some great and some bland coffees, especially when it comes from stores and shops, but have you ever stopped to think about what makes that high quality coffee pittsburgh pa so good or bad in the first place?

Well, it comes from the length of time that the beans are roasted because all coffee beans have a level of fructose inside of them. When the raw beans are placed inside the coffee roaster, they are subjected to heat, and that heat causes them to crack open. A light roast is what most coffee drinkers want, as it allows them to taste the flavor of the bean in its entirety, and that first crack signals the light roast.

When the beans are under roasted, the fructose sugar doesn’t caramelize and you get a sweeter coffee, while over roasted coffee does the same thing. The beans start to char and excess fructose is released into the coffee, once again making it sweet instead of rich. If the beans are not heated correctly, then you get a sweet coffee.

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Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have good coffee beans, to begin with. If the beans are terrible then you’ll never be able to get good coffee. So, look for their origin, and the more specific the better. If you can trace the coffee as far back as the farm that produced it, then you know that the people involved in the process care deeply about where their beans come from.

Looking for a roast date will help you as well because the fresher the beans are, the more flavor you end up getting from them. Once you find the high-quality beans, then roast them to that perfect first crack and then enjoy your coffee.