How To Plan Catering

Catering a party or an event doesn’t have to be stressful, and can instead be a fun way to take the food preparation out of your hands. However, it does require some significant planning and cooperation in order for it all to succeed. The first main question is, what do you serve?

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Think about the theme and people at your event. If you are planning to have Corporate Catering Bloomington service at a fancy black-tie dinner, then you want a fancier sit down meal to go with it. If you are catering a small get together, you want finger foods and smaller meals, and so on. Depending on what you are doing and who’s coming to the event, any food can be catering food.

Once you’ve decided on the type of food that you want to be catered and have dealt with any allergies or other problems, then you need to find out how you’ll have it catered.

Different Catering Types

Restaurants often offer catering services, and they will bring the food to you and then allow your guests to serve themselves. While more professional catering companies can cook the meals on site, serve your guests, and clean up after themselves once the event is done.

For fancier events or events that are primarily sit down, it could be beneficial to have the caterers act as waiters and ensure that everything is fixed up. That way, no one misses out on the festivities because they have to clear their plates or check that the salad bowl is refilled.

If you are at an informal event and everyone is moving about and mingling, then serving yourself and taking care of your own plates and needs might be easier. Any events can be held after the mealtime is over.

Again, it all depends on what is happening at your event and the theme. This also factors into cost, where simply having a restaurant deliver your food and supplies is something that is cheaper than paying for a full all out catering service that does everything for you.

Listen and Receive

If you are working with a catering company, then listen to their needs as closely as you can. They want to make your event a success, just as much as you do. Give them accurate headcounts early in the process, so they can accurately predict the number of ingredients that they need. If something changes, then communicate it early.

The catering company will tell you what your desires will cost, and what services they will provide for that fee. You can have the company act as staff, and clear plates, and depending on the food served they can even cook it themselves onsite.

Catering is a two-way street, but when communication is clear, you’ll be able to cater your event with good food and great service. This then allows you to focus on all the other things that will make your event great.