The Progress of Selective Breeding

Everyone who has taken a high school science course probably remembers Gregor Mendel, the Punnett square, and dominant and recessive traits. It’s the basics of breeding selectively, and it’s very common today. Pureblood animals and plants descended from famous trees are everywhere in advertising, but why does this matter?

Well, breeding is done to emphasize positive traits and eliminate negative ones, and farmers do it all the time. They continually want the biggest, most muscular cows and bulls in order to produce the most meat and milk, so they select the cows that best emphasize those traits and then have them breed. The hope is that all the positive traits will be passed down to the next generation.

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For some animals, the bloodline is what matters. For example, with the world renowned Japanese Wagyu beef, the cows are only allowed to breed with one another. This creates a clean gene pool with no outside interference, because the hybrid meat doesn’t taste nearly as good, and hybrids can’t reproduce.

Full blood wagyu bull semen stigler ok is the only thing that can impregnate full blood wagyu cows, in order to keep the pure meat and the continued passing down of traits happening.

Selective breeding can even happen with humans, and you can just look at all the Hollywood power couples out there. Rich smart men with rich and famous women, you can bet their kids will have a lot going for them as they start to grow up!

Plus, it’s biological that humans would seek out mates who are strong, smart, and can provide for them because that’s how we survived in the past. The strongest caveman got the most beautiful wife because it was genetic, and their children were more likely to survive to be adults.