Myths about Pizza

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Ah, pizza, perhaps one of the greatest foods in modern history. It’s been everywhere, in countless households, and everyone has their favorite combination of toppings that makes their pizza unique. The history of pizza (and pizza like dishes) extends as far back as the ancient Greeks, and with such a long timeline of history, and the countless number of pizza places that deliver near me, there are bound to be a few myths surrounding it all.

So that’s what is going to be looked at today, and in fact, we’ve already debunked one. Pizza as we know it is an Italian creation, but the history of putting food on bread and serving it that way started with the ancient Greeks. So they were the ones that got the ball rolling.

Pepperoni isn’t a solely an Italian invention either, as pepperoni was Italian for ‘pepper.’ So, if you order a pepperoni pizza in Italy, you’d get peppers on a pizza. The pepperoni that we know of was created by Americans, who really like smoked meat. (Although if you put both meat pepperoni and peppers on a pizza, you do get an epic combination.)

One of the most controversial myths about pizza (aside from the whole pineapple issue) is whether it was supposed to be eaten with a knife and fork. One of the world’s last pizza makers, who was trained at America’s first pizzeria in the world says that he eats it with a fork and knife when the slice is too hot to pick up.

But if it’s too hot for your hands, why cut it and bring that steaming piece of pizza to your mouth? Why! It doesn’t make sense to this author, so eat it with your hands or not at all! Besides, a little mess is always fun when the meal is good.

The Progress of Selective Breeding

Everyone who has taken a high school science course probably remembers Gregor Mendel, the Punnett square, and dominant and recessive traits. It’s the basics of breeding selectively, and it’s very common today. Pureblood animals and plants descended from famous trees are everywhere in advertising, but why does this matter?

Well, breeding is done to emphasize positive traits and eliminate negative ones, and farmers do it all the time. They continually want the biggest, most muscular cows and bulls in order to produce the most meat and milk, so they select the cows that best emphasize those traits and then have them breed. The hope is that all the positive traits will be passed down to the next generation.

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For some animals, the bloodline is what matters. For example, with the world renowned Japanese Wagyu beef, the cows are only allowed to breed with one another. This creates a clean gene pool with no outside interference, because the hybrid meat doesn’t taste nearly as good, and hybrids can’t reproduce.

Full blood wagyu bull semen stigler ok is the only thing that can impregnate full blood wagyu cows, in order to keep the pure meat and the continued passing down of traits happening.

Selective breeding can even happen with humans, and you can just look at all the Hollywood power couples out there. Rich smart men with rich and famous women, you can bet their kids will have a lot going for them as they start to grow up!

Plus, it’s biological that humans would seek out mates who are strong, smart, and can provide for them because that’s how we survived in the past. The strongest caveman got the most beautiful wife because it was genetic, and their children were more likely to survive to be adults.

Preparing Yourself For A Night Of Murder

Of course, in reality, no one is going to be murdered. It is all in the act. It is pure fiction, pure and simple. Aside of using literary classics, it is also based on what actually happened in history, in a certain time and a certain place. Some of these crime scenes have become so hauntingly famous that memorials have been resurrected in honor of those who were slain. And what of the murderous villain? Does he not get his name in the papers if you will? Usually it takes the angle of notoriety but in the act of the play and during the literary event, it is not unusual for him to be eulogized.

This in itself is mysterious. It cannot be explained why there remains an ardent adulation of the criminal mastermind. It cannot always be explained why so many theater goers and booklovers are drawn to the evil that goes down in the night. But it is mostly all fantasy and make believe. It is pure escapism from the humdrum of everyday life. It makes for a thrilling night out on the town where all shrieks, thrills and spills will be spoken of long into the night and the days to come.

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If you love literature, you might also wish to set yourself up for a night on the town. Playacting is also good for the creative imagination. Many of you reading this now cannot seem to get enough of those thrills a minute which you often experience from those crime and action packed bestsellers. But for the literary mind, there could be nothing more thrilling than murder mystery plays in cape coral. They are often a lot better than the paperback pulp and mulch fiction.

Special Occasions Deserve a Nice Meal Out

Enjoying a delicious dinner prepared at your favorite restaurant is a treat that is sure to put you in a good mood any day of the week. However, when certain occasions occur, it gives even more reason to pick on your favorite outfit and take the family out to eat. Some of the best occasions to head out for a bite to eat at Family Style Restaurants Towson include those listed below, but the list is certainly endless.

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Job Promotion

When you’ve been promoted to that position that you wanted at work, celebrate with a fantastic meal that keeps everyone out of the kitchen. You feel great and the evening should be spent celebrating this achievement.  It’s nice to achieve greatness and a promotion is always a sign of success.


Celebrating a milestone anniversary with your lover is a celebration to remember with a dinner, as well as other fun events of your choosing.  A romantic dinner is sure to spark the romance that the evening needs. Many Couples attend anniversary parties held in their honors in addition to the dinner out.


Graduation is an important time in any young person’s life, whether they are graduating high school or college. Make sure that you tell them how product you are and show them a good time with a fresh plate of their favorite seafood served by one of the local eateries in town.


You will never again have another birthday like this one, so make sure that it counts. While you probably have many ideas in store for your night out on the town to commemorate your birthday, be sure to start things off with a delicious meal with the people that you love the most.

What Makes Good Coffee?

Everyone has had their good experience with some great and some bland coffees, especially when it comes from stores and shops, but have you ever stopped to think about what makes that high quality coffee pittsburgh pa so good or bad in the first place?

Well, it comes from the length of time that the beans are roasted because all coffee beans have a level of fructose inside of them. When the raw beans are placed inside the coffee roaster, they are subjected to heat, and that heat causes them to crack open. A light roast is what most coffee drinkers want, as it allows them to taste the flavor of the bean in its entirety, and that first crack signals the light roast.

When the beans are under roasted, the fructose sugar doesn’t caramelize and you get a sweeter coffee, while over roasted coffee does the same thing. The beans start to char and excess fructose is released into the coffee, once again making it sweet instead of rich. If the beans are not heated correctly, then you get a sweet coffee.

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Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have good coffee beans, to begin with. If the beans are terrible then you’ll never be able to get good coffee. So, look for their origin, and the more specific the better. If you can trace the coffee as far back as the farm that produced it, then you know that the people involved in the process care deeply about where their beans come from.

Looking for a roast date will help you as well because the fresher the beans are, the more flavor you end up getting from them. Once you find the high-quality beans, then roast them to that perfect first crack and then enjoy your coffee.

Cooking Vacation Teaches You More About Culture

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Read, write and travel. Remember the phrase because someday it may become legend. Isn’t it true that so many people who read their favorite magazines and travel guides continue to dream and wonder? And they are still the fortunate ones. They at least get to take an annual vacation. But usually, it does not take them very far, both figuratively and literally.

Surely, they wonder, there must be more to this. And when are they going to live and experience one living legend that says; travel broadens the mind. Some of the most inspirational written accounts go beyond just beautiful valleys and country roads.

They take their literary travelers right into the heart of the country. It enters the village and goes straight to the long dinner table with space enough for ten people, or more for those who dare to squeeze in in accordance with the garrulous nature of the countrified Italian. Italians in general, even the expatriates, are legendary for this.

All they seem to talk about is food, food and more food. But they do so with mouths full and for very good reason. Because have you tasted Italian food before? No, it’s not your usual pasta and sauce dish. And it’s certainly not your wood-fired pizza, although if you do travel down to Naples, you’ll experience something quite out of your world.

No, the talk around the countryside village revolves around authentic Italian cooking, just like it’s been done for generations. And you can get a taste of that by booking your very own italian cooking vacation. Just for tasters whilst you acclimatize yourself to the country air; a glass of chianti and a chunk of cheese. And how about a generous helping of roast wild boar as a main course?

Mouthwatering, of course.

Great Breweries for You

If you really love beer, you are in a great situation. There are tons of breweries all over the county that are making some great beer. As a matter of fact, you have to be pretty experienced with all of these beers to be considered an expert on the subject. The breweries are all over the place.

Find out about Dallas Breweries that offer some of the best beer in the area. You will love the beer they happen to have available for you. Make the most of your beer enjoyment when you go to visit one of these breweries. You will find a variety of great beers available to you right now.

It is certainly great to taste beer that is freshly made to certain standards that the locals want to live up to. You get that fresh taste the way you want it and you can even bottle your own with the right breweries that set up taps and bottles for you to cap off your own with.

Create an event of it. Get a bunch of friends together and go to the local breweries for a good time. You could do it on a weekend or other days off so you can have a good time. You will find all the beers you love right on tap and it is a wonderful thing.

You will be in beer heaven for sure with this sort of outing. You will get to see how it is all done. Ask plenty of questions to satisfy your curiosity and drink the beer to satisfy your thirst and your desire for good beer. Just be sure you are responsible about it all and reasonable with the consumption on the site itself.

Learn about breweries and discover what it is all about. You may even have the idea to start your own one of these days. That could be a great thing for you. First, you need to understand how it all works. You can start in your basement or your garage with some basic brewing.

Dallas Breweriesbasic brewing

From there, you will need to get bigger equipment so you can start brewing in larger batches. In order to reach the top though, you will need a whole beer company on the scale of one of the breweries you get to go visit. That is why it pays to learn what you can when you can.

Make the most of your beer knowledge. Now is the time to get out and learn what you can. Enjoy the beers you love with friends and make a great day of it all. Or, you could go out in the night and enjoy the beer and the sights at that time. Whenever it works for you is fine.

Take your taste for beer to new heights. Find out what a local brewery can do for you. There is always a chance you could even get a job there if you want to. Just go to the breweries and find out what the big deal is. You will be glad you did.

Get Some Great Indian Food

It is time to go out on the town and to have some good food. This is the night you want to have a good time and you will. Go for some great Indian food for a good time. Indian food is a real treat and a delight for anyone in this country. It is not your average fare by a long shot.

Lamb Bhunahealth benefits to Indian food

You will find a number of great dishes such as Lamb Bhuna and many other delights. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes to enjoy if you do not eat meat. If you have a need for gluten free food, that is available too. Make the most of your night with some really delightful food.

There is nothing quite like Indian food. It is highly distinctive and original. It is the original Eastern fare for sure. You will find a huge variety of dishes so bring a good appetite. It is usually customary to get a number of dishes in one meal so you can have a good variety.

Though you will find gluten free options, you will also find a good amount of crispy and baked breads to go nicely with your meal. Try some Naan with some Dhal and spinach and pea dishes. They are wonderful and sure to satisfy the hungriest of appetites.

You are sure to find a great dish that will become one of your favorites. There is much to be said for Indian food. You can have it on the spicy side if that is what you like or you could go for some of the more mild dishes. One way or the other, you are going to enjoy yourself.

As it turns out, there are a number of health benefits to Indian food. Not only do the spices have health benefits but there is a good amount of protein, vegetables, iron, vitamins, and minerals as well as healthy fiber. You will surely find something you like but it will be good for you too.

There are a number of spices used in Indian cooking but they are not all hot. They are mostly aromatic and flavorful, a unique delight to the senses of a dulled Western palate. Your senses will be piqued and you will surely enjoy what you eat no matter what it is.

Go with a good amount of people so everyone can order a couple of dishes. There really is no point in going out for a good Indian meal unless you are going to order it up and do a lot of different foods. Remember, you can take home the leftovers which is actually a good thing.

It will be nice to bring some of the leftovers to lunch the next day. While you are at it, order a whole dish to take to work the next day and impress your friends. Say, “Hey, I went out for Indian food last night and this is part of what I got.” People will look at it and smell it. They may even want a taste.

How To Plan Catering

Catering a party or an event doesn’t have to be stressful, and can instead be a fun way to take the food preparation out of your hands. However, it does require some significant planning and cooperation in order for it all to succeed. The first main question is, what do you serve?

have Corporate Catering Bloomingtonmoving about and mingling

Think about the theme and people at your event. If you are planning to have Corporate Catering Bloomington service at a fancy black-tie dinner, then you want a fancier sit down meal to go with it. If you are catering a small get together, you want finger foods and smaller meals, and so on. Depending on what you are doing and who’s coming to the event, any food can be catering food.

Once you’ve decided on the type of food that you want to be catered and have dealt with any allergies or other problems, then you need to find out how you’ll have it catered.

Different Catering Types

Restaurants often offer catering services, and they will bring the food to you and then allow your guests to serve themselves. While more professional catering companies can cook the meals on site, serve your guests, and clean up after themselves once the event is done.

For fancier events or events that are primarily sit down, it could be beneficial to have the caterers act as waiters and ensure that everything is fixed up. That way, no one misses out on the festivities because they have to clear their plates or check that the salad bowl is refilled.

If you are at an informal event and everyone is moving about and mingling, then serving yourself and taking care of your own plates and needs might be easier. Any events can be held after the mealtime is over.

Again, it all depends on what is happening at your event and the theme. This also factors into cost, where simply having a restaurant deliver your food and supplies is something that is cheaper than paying for a full all out catering service that does everything for you.

Listen and Receive

If you are working with a catering company, then listen to their needs as closely as you can. They want to make your event a success, just as much as you do. Give them accurate headcounts early in the process, so they can accurately predict the number of ingredients that they need. If something changes, then communicate it early.

The catering company will tell you what your desires will cost, and what services they will provide for that fee. You can have the company act as staff, and clear plates, and depending on the food served they can even cook it themselves onsite.

Catering is a two-way street, but when communication is clear, you’ll be able to cater your event with good food and great service. This then allows you to focus on all the other things that will make your event great.

Have Some Great Food Now

Now is one of those times you want to have some good food. That is understandable considering you need to eat. But you do not want just any food. You are in the mood for some good seafood, maybe some crab or other delights that will be served at such a restaurant.

You will want to look at the crab shack lunch menu to get an idea of what you want. When you go to a restaurant like this for lunch, you want good food and you want it fast at a reasonable price. That can be a pretty tall order so you want to make sure it is a decent restaurant and, in fact, a good one.

With this in mind, you will need to think about what you want. Do you even want seafood for sure? Some of the better seafood restaurants also offer other menu items such as chicken and vegetarian options for those who do not eat meat. That is a good thing and you know it.

Consider the options and get your appetite up so you can have a good meal. Get some people together and go out for a good time. You will be glad that you did. Now is the time to go online and find a seafood restaurant that will make your items to order just the way you like them.

First, you think about the meat that you want and then you think about how you want it to be cooked. There are lots of menu items to choose from. Then you will want to consider how you want the sauces to be. Do you want it to be hot? Do you want it to be mild? Would you prefer something in between?

A lot of people like their seafood spicy so you will want to be sure that the restaurant of choice offers some good styles and sauces to meet that order. There are actually health benefits to eating seafood. You will want to consider that as well.

You want the food to be good so have it made the way you want it. If you want to, you can talk to the chef when you get there to be sure they will prepare what you order just the way you want them to. Usually, with the better restaurants, they will do that for you.

Now that you have a better idea of what you want to eat, it is actually time to go to the restaurant. You now know about some of the benefits of seafood if you took the time to look that up. There are healthy fats such as omega 3 fats in the fish and in the shellfish too.

crab shack lunch menuhealth benefits to eating seafood

You owe it to yourself to have some good food and to have it now. It is just a matter of going to the right spot. Choose a restaurant with a good reputation, one that has been serving the area for a good period of time. You may want to read the reviews to see what you are getting into.